ADAC Mobility Index

Development of sustainable mobility

The ADAC Mobility Index shows whether transportation in Germany is becoming more sustainable. It is a figure calculated from many individual indicators – for example accident figures, CO₂ emissions or public transport services – which summarizes the sustainability of mobility in five so-called assessment dimensions. A value of 100 was set as the starting point for 2015.

The development of the index for the following years makes it clear at a glance whether the sustainability of mobility in Germany is making progress. An improvement in the situation is indicated – according to the definition – by a value that is above 100. A deterioration is expressed in a figure that is below 100.

Mobility and transport must become more sustainable. In the pandemic years 2020 and 2021, there was at least nominal progress compared to the years 2015 to 2019.

The ADAC Mobility Index looks at five dimensions of sustainable mobility:

  • Climate and environment
  • Road safety
  • Reliabilty
  • Availability
  • Affordability

Key results for the pandemic years 2020 and 2021:

  • Decrease in mobility due to travel restrictions, lockdowns and working from home → positive impact on climate and environment
  • Significant decline in personal injuries due to reduced traffic volume, actual improvements in road safety are still pending
  • Notable improvements in road and rail transport reliability due to lower demand while transport networks remain available
  • Stagnation in terms of the availability of mobility services, only the availability of car services increased
  • Affordability of private transport decreases due to inflation and switch to climate-neutral energy. Tax cuts in rail transport increase the affordability of public transport.

The pandemic had a significant impact on mobility behavior in 2020 and 2021. However, these data represent historical special cases, as they are due to temporarily suppressed transport demand and not to an actual change in the transport system or a conscious change in behavior. By the end of 2021, changes in climate, reliability and safety were already on the decline again.

The results of the ADAC Mobility Index reveal a central area of conflict: sustainability in transport and social participation must not be mutually exclusive. It remains to be seen how many of the observed effects in the scope and structure of transport demand will remain after the pandemic.

Further information as well as the complete results of the ADAC Mobility Index and details on its methodology can be found here.